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Brewing Report

Brewing Report

skinny Jeans-Ditto Rev 2

15 Apr 2017 20:59

Style Information Name: Skinny Jeans-Ditto Rev 2 Recipe Type: All Grain Category: Pale Ale Grains & Extracts Name Amount Notes 2 Row 24 lbs Provides for a soft malt character in the finished beer Wheat Malt 3.125 lbs Improves head … Continue reading

Easter Pale

15 Apr 2017 19:30

Style Information Name: Easter Pale Recipe Type: All Grain Category: Pale Ale Grains & Extracts Name Amount Notes 2 Row 16 lbs Contributes a clean, sweet, and slightly malty character along with a light straw color Pilsner 7 lbs Bright, … Continue reading

Czech Pilsner

27 Aug 2016 18:59

75 Style Information Name: Imperial Lager Recipe Type: All Grain Grains & Extracts Name Amount Notes Pilsner 2 Row Ger (2.0 SRM) 11 lbs spring barley, processed specifically to impart full body, golden-blond color, and complex maltiness. Use for up … Continue reading


19 Jun 2016 18:29

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27 Feb 2016 23:22

Super Brew Day At Ligero Brewing with Glenn, Paul & Greg Style Information Name: Paul Recipe Type: All Grain Category: IPA Grains & Extracts Name Amount Notes 2- row 20.87 lb American 2-Row Malt is a very popular malt that … Continue reading

Equinox IPA

12 Dec 2015 23:35

           White Labs Sweat Shirt!!                         Brewers Great Brew Day The new Fermenter CHRONICAL 17 GAL FERMENTER Style Information Name: Equinox IPA Recipe Type: All Grain Category: IPA Grains & Extracts Name Amount Notes 2- row 18 lb It has … Continue reading

GABF Winners, Congrats To All….

27 Sep 2015 19:32

GABF Winners *Please note that the official list of Style Categories varies between years. 2015 Great American Beer Festival Winners List Displaying All Medal Winners from All Styles from All States represented at the 2015 GABF. 275 Results found. Medal … Continue reading

Janet’s Brown 10 gal

2 Aug 2015 22:05

Another fantastic brew day Style Information Name: Janet's Brown Temper Recipe Type: All Grain Category: American Brown Ale Grains & Extracts Name Amount Notes 2- row 12 lb It is low in total nitrogen, well modified, high in enzymes, and … Continue reading

Russian River’s Pliny the Elder

12 Jul 2015 00:35

13.6 Lbs Grain    Stirring the Mash   Shaking Wort from the Hop Spider                                                                                                       Chillin’ in the fermentation Chamber Another Awesome Brew Day!! Style Information Name: Pliny Spider Recipe Type: All Grain Category: Double IPA Grains & Extracts … Continue reading

Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis

11 Jul 2015 23:58

Malty, Chocolaty, Coffee, Smooth, Medium-bodied Oregon- Oatmeal Stout- 7.0% ABV. Pours dark black with a beautiful tan head. The aroma is a blast of vanilla with hints of roasted malts, caramel & milk chocolate. A wonderful taste dominated by vanilla … Continue reading

Summer Pale

11 Jul 2015 23:24

We will add 2 tsp Yeast nutrient in 3 days. Put into secondary at 10 days at 67* Continue reading

Bourbon Aged Stout

11 Jul 2015 21:34

      We took  stout that we had brewed and put it into a Bourbon Whiskey Barrel, added Vanilla and fermented for  two weeks. The results are amazing! Now the challenge… To Re-create it!!

Whiskey Barrel Beer

27 Jun 2015 19:49

Now is the time to start thinking about those big winter beers   Purchased an 8 gal Whiskey Barrel Cleaned it with Star San Added a home brewed stout (fermented 3 weeks) Added Vanilla beans Now we wait 3-5 months

We Have To Agree…

20 Jun 2015 13:33

For the 7th straight year, the best beer in America is… Tom Rotunno | @TomRotunno Thursday, 18 Jun 2015 | 5:45 PM   The craft beer industry may be a hotbed of innovation, but one beer continues to reign … Continue reading

Wouldn’t Want To Offend Anyone…

19 Jun 2015 23:12

  DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus beer pulled from shelves of Ohio grocery chain Jun 15, 2015, 10:32am EDT Sara Salinas Baltimore Business Journal Enlarge DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus brew has been pulled from the shelves of a grocery store chain… … Continue reading

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